Jacoby Custom Cues
I specialize in "One of a Kind"
      and "Limited Editions"


# 159 Purple Heart forearm and butt sleeve. Spliced points of Maple with 4 veneers of Maple, green, orange and black. Inlay arrow heads of Malachite. Stainless steel joint 5/16x14 pin. Custom ring work and joint protectors to match cue. Black leather wrap.58 in. 18.9 oz. $1395.00


# 102 This is a "One of a Kind" cue that is in the Blue Book of Cues. Cue is all Ebony, Ivory and Silver. The 3 section wrap has Ivory and Silver rings. Radial pin 2 shafts with Ivory ferrules. Black/white linen wrap. 19.65 oz. $3995.00


#251 All Cocobolo wrap area with 6 high and 6 low points. The lower points have Turquoise inlays in the arrow heads. Stainless steel joint 5/16x14 pin 1 shaft 19.5 oz. $795.00


#247 Beautiful dark grain wood with 2 high, 4 mid level and 2 low points with inlays of the dark wood. fancy rings of brass, Maple and Ebony. Radial pin with Black/white linen wrap. 1 shaft 19.25 oz. $795.00


# 282 This is a pre-owned cue that is in excellent condition. Small flaw in the finish on the end of the butt cap. The finish of the cue is not harmed. 16 Mother of Pearl diamonds accent the butt sleeve. High and low spliced points with green veneers and arrowheads. Custom ring work in cue with matching shafts. Stainless steel joint 5/16x14 pin, leather wrap, 2 shafts, 19.5 oz. Original price for this cue was $1795.00 now asking $1295.00